"Power yoga works because it is simple and right in line with how your body is designed to move and operate. You start where you are with whatever level ability you have. Strength comes with time, as long as the spirit of willingness is there."  Baron Baptiste  


power 60



Get ready to sweat, be challenged, and have fun!  Based on the Baptiste sequence, students flow from pose to pose, utilizing the principles of alignment, personal awareness and breath.  Expect to be transformed!


power 75



Go a little deeper into the Journey Into Power sequence.  Students flow from pose to pose, utilizing the principles of alignment, personal awareness and breath. Have FUN in this powerful practice. Expect to be transformed!




 A deeply powerful slow flow class with less heat and chaturanga. This practice is  more on breathwork in action, connecting with your intention, while experimenting with your own practice. Modifications will be called, yet pushing towards your edge is possible. Come and find strength with stillness and leave stronger, more grounded, and find freedom in letting go.




This class is for beginners or anyone interested in a moderate pace.  It is designed as an introduction to the Journey Into Power sequence.  You will be instructed on breathing and the foundations of the transformative yoga practice.  

anyone wanting to work on foundation, breath and alignment




Ignite your inner fire! Set to a great playlist. This rocking power vinyasa class is a great way to end your week.  It will challenge you, make you smile (maybe sing).  Get ready to sweat, tap into your deepest potential and push the limits of what 's possible.  




30 minutes of a powerful flow designed to release tension and create space and renewal in your body.  30 minutes of deep stretch where we hold poses for 2-3 minutes Immerse yourself in this down to earth class of power and depth.





Established to allow access to yoga for everyone!  Get ready to sweat, be challenged, and have FUN!!  Students flow from pose to pose, utilizing the principles of alignment, personal awareness and breath.  Expect to be transformed!

This class tends to be big so sign-up to reserve your space. (If you have a reservation, you must arrive at least 5 minutes before the beginning of class or your space will be given up.)

yod (yoga+HIIT)


YOD stands for Your Own Determination. This class features the intentional movement, strengthening, and stretching of fast paced, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout within a power yoga class. The class will begin with power yoga to warm up your body. Then, an integration series will engage the muscles and align your upper body, lower body and core.  YOD's intentional movements create presence in your body and a FUN environment where anything is possible! The YOD sequence will always include strength-building, agility and cardio. YOD ends with a cool down that allows you to actively recover from the HIIT workout.  

flow into meditation


This class is a great compliment to our power yoga class.  We will start the class with a slow flowing stretch and then settle into a time of being grounded in meditation.