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Moving into Contact with Kyler Breed

Yoga is about connection. In ancient times the word yoga was primarily used to describe a connection to the divine, a joining of the individual soul to the supreme being. Nowadays we understand yoga as a connection between body and mind, or between body and soul. What we are actually doing is resetting the nervous system, so that we can come into our bodies with more ease and a better understanding of how we move and are put together. Asana, or the practice of holding positions and contemplating the structure of our being, makes our muscles supple and allows us to respond more intelligently to movement possibilities. There is, therefore, a natural connection between the practice of asana and the practice of contact improvisation. Not only are our hearts and minds more open after yoga, but we’re also able to respond to contact with other humans in a way that more clearly communicates our sense of structure and boundaries. Coming into physical contact with others involves many layers of uncertainty: insecurity about our bodies, mixed feelings about being touched, or fear of being rejected, to name a few. In practice, we situate these very human conditions in the arena of contact, where we can most directly deal with our impulses, our associations, and our fears. With space for improvisation, practicing contact lends itself to the practice of moving meditation. Through simple partner exercises we develop trust in other people, share our impulses, and perhaps look more closely at some of the patterns which may inhibit or limit our possibilities for connection. With a yogic understanding of our bodies’ architecture, we direct our movement for clearer communication and reflection.  Cost is $20 

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