the why

I started practicing Baptiste inspired yoga in 2012.  The practice felt so good and the message was so empowering. Before that time, I never thought I could get up in front of people and teach a yoga class.  I didn't have the confidence to be a leader in that capacity.  I went to Level 1 in the winter 2015 and the transformation that occurred was unbelievable. I began teaching yoga classes almost immediately upon returning to my studio.  Baptiste yoga has been an eye opener to the possibility of what my life couldlook like.  The methodology gave me a solid foundation to grow and to create the life that I desire.  It allowed me to examine what was happening and get a new perspective on what was not working. I have learned that I am responsible for the relationships in my life and they are what I make them. The personal power that I possess will be unleashed if I step out of my own way.


Opening a yoga studio was a leap of faith that required confidence and hard work. Baptiste methodology is the foundation is the foundation of all choices we make in the studio. Because we feel so strongly about that I knew it would be a success.  Every day is a new learning experience as I share my passion with our yoga community. My personal growth has been an amazing experience.  I want to let everyone know that this practice is a way to empowerment and personal transformation.